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A brief description of Kaleido in English

Kaleido from the Greek kalo’s ’beautiful’ and eidos ’form’

Kaleido is a cooperative containing twenty-odd craftsmen who work with ceramics, textiles, blacksmithing, art jewelry and more. In March 2000 we opened a store and gallery in a turn of the century warehouse by Uppsala’s train station. A nightclub, café, boutique with designer clothes and more are found under the same roof.

Kaleido’s craftsmen own and operate the store and gallery.

The store offers carefully designed, high quality crafts. Originality and individuality as well as craftsmanship and a strong connection to tradition define Kaleido. Kaleido’s stock continually develops and changes with its members.

The gallery shows exciting craft and sculpture based on the expressive power of materials. Specially invited artists share the gallery roster with our own members in group and solo exhibitions.

Kaleido Konsthantverk · Arts & Crafts
Tel. +46 18 10 32 20

Weekdays tisd–fred 11–17 (tillfälligt). Stängt 6–26 juli.
Saturdays 11–16. Stängt 6–26 juli.
Sundays stängt